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Ion Exchange Resin
ranks among the world's leading brands of ion exchange resin technology
More than 3 decades of manufacturing experience
WQA Gold Seal certified softening resins
Resins with consistently great performance and long life
Technical support by expert staff
 Removal of Radioactive Isotopes from Aqueous Solutions
 Domestic & Industrial Water Softening
 Ultrapure-Semiconductor Industry
 Nitrate, Arsenic & Boron Removal
 Industrial Demineralization
 Condensate Polishing
 Organic Scavenger
 Brine Purification


 Polystyrene Divinyl-Benzene
 Polyacrylic Diviny-Benzene
 Gel (Microporous)



 Uniform Particle Size
 Food Grade
 Selective Ion Removal resins
 Mixed Bed resins
 Polyacrylic resins
 Chelating resins
 Black Cation resins




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