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We at Fivebro are very happy to share that our coconut shell based
activated carbon. Fivebro supply over twenty grades of Granular Activated Carbon for varied applications like water & waste water applications to Gold Recovery to various vapour phase applications to bacteriostatic carbons.
Ideal Pore Structure with high surface area
High Adsorption Capacity
Low Ash Content
Consistent Quality
Superior Physical Stability
Optimum mesh size
Excellent chlorine and organic removal capacity
All Product Confirm to AWWA B604-96 Standard 61
 Color Removal Bottled Water, Brewery, Juice &  Soft Drink Industries
 Bacteriostatic (Bacteria Removal)
 Effluent Water Treatment
 Color & odor Removal
 Gas Treatment
 Gold Treatment
 Gold Recovery


Virgin Coconut Shell
Charcoal based
Wood based



 Iodine number : 600-1200
 Mesh Size : 4 x 8 to 80 x 325 (4 mesh to 200 mesh)
 Powder carbon with mesh size : below 325 mesh
 Water Washed Grade
 Acid Washed Grade
 Silver Impregnated




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