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Aqua System Booster Tanks
Aquasystem Pressure tank with replaceable Bladder or pressurized systems of sanitary water. Designed to compensate the pressure increase due to the pump start and to optimize the pump work. 
Non toxic Epoxy paint
Tanks have international certificates as ACS/GOST/WRAS
It is ISO 9000:2001 certified by TUV
Domestic booster system
Industrial booster system
High rise booster system requiring high pressure
Hot water booster system for institution & industries

1st quality DC 04/05 Steel or Stainless steel
1st quality non toxic Bladder in EPDM as standard or Butyl in few application



Capacity from 2 liters to 5000 liters
Pressure 10 bar, 16 bar & 25 bar
Temperature -10' C  to 100' C





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