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Fluid-o-Tech � The rotary vane pumps
The rotary vane pumps, manufactured by Fluid-o-tech and sold world wide under the trademark Rotoflow, are volumetric pumps designed for pumping water and moderate aggressive liquids with low flow at high pressure.
Rotary Vane pump are Self priming & free of pulsations
Designed for pumping water & light aggressive fluid for low flow & high pressure
Built in by-pass
Built in mechanical filters with 71 mesh screen as optional 
PA series are NSF listed pump for potable water
POW series are WRAS certified
Also available TM series having Seal-less magnetic coupling
Beverage Vending machine
Post Mix drink disposer
Espresso Coffee machine
Cooling System
Reverse Osmosis
Ultra Filtration
Booster systems
Fuel injection systems

Forged Brass or SS 303 rotor
Carbon graphite vanes
Mechanical seals are Carbon Vs Ceramic
Flow up to 1000 LPH
Pressure up to 16 bars
Temperatures up to 70' C and for temperature up to 90' C on request



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