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HT Coma � FRP Tank
HTCOMA-FRP lined water treatment vessels is an ideal choice for applications where corrosion-resistance and economical investment cost is of prime importance. These vessels can broadly apply to treatment and store of commercial and industrial water. These vessels are also available with multiple opening types, sizes and lined materials so as to offer many choices for clients and meet their requirements sufficiently. These vessels are available up to maximum diameter of 3 meters and maximum capacity gets 19 cubic meters.
All tanks are tested for maximum operating pressure :10.2 bar and test pressure of 15 bar with burst pressure of 40 bar
Cycle test : 1,00,000 cycles without leakage
Till neck FRP winding
Flexible / Adjustable base for tanks up to 16*65 size
Having strong anti negative pressure
Available in Natural color & blue
Water treatment plants
Effluent treatment plants
Sewage treatment plant


Fiber Reinforced Plastic



Available up to 19000 liters
Max. Operating Pressure up to 10 bar
Max. Operating Temperature : 40�C




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