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Welcome to Fivebro International

We are one of the leading distributors of water pumps, valves and fittings, membranes or ion exchange resins, membrane performance chemicals, pressure vessels, flow measuring instruments, pressure boosting tanks or dosing units.

We like so associate ourselves with five basic elements of life which are Universe, Air, Fire, Earth and most importantly the Water.



About Us
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We at Fivebro always look for new ways to provide simple solutions to complex requirements, be it pumps, valves or fittings; or be it membranes or ion exchange resins; be it membrane performance chemicals, pressure vessels or flow measuring instruments; be it pressure boosting tanks or dosing units; be it High pressure Axial Piston Pump, Energy Saving Device or simple to use Variable Frequency Drives; we at Fivebro are always there carrying a complete basket of engineering components for our customers. Our focus has always been able to acquire cutting edge products, assimilate it and then apply it via user friendly components...........FIVEBRO.........be a part of the future.

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