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Maxima Membrane Housing
Maxima Pressure Vessels are Hi tech Vessels manufactured from glass fibers reinforced plastic widely used in electronics, power plant, metallurgical, chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverages industries for process water , utility, treatment of
industrial sewage and waste water, sea water and brackish water desalination etc.
Manufacture as per ASME Specification and ISO Certified
Each housing system is tested at 1.5 times operating pressure
Beautiful aesthetics manage
Burst pressure tested at 6 times operating pressure
Designed for absolute membrane protection
Available in end port and side port design for lower piping cost and ease of maintenance 
Reverse Osmosis membrane
Nano filtration
Ultra Filtration application 


Glass Fiber reinforced plastic



Available in 2.5� ,4� and 8� sizes
All sizes available for 1 element to 7 element
Available from 150 PSI up to 1200 PSI operating pressure




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