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UV Sterilizer
Stainless steel UV sterilizer is a widely used in water disinfection and purification system which can effectively disinfect bacteria, viruses and molds etc. (better effect after water purifier). The sterilizing rate is as high as 99.99%. The stainless steel meets EU environmental standard, healthy, environmental protecting and no harmful chemical substance include.
Highly advance technology for disabling the micro organism
& break down the chemicals
Variety of model designed for each application
Low pressure amalgam lamp & Medium pressure UV lamp
Very long Lamp life
Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
Swimming Pool
Food & beverages


UV 0.5 GPM (0.1 M3/HR)
UV 1 GPM (0.2 M3/HR)
UV 2 GPM (0.4 M3/HR)
UV 6 GPM (1.4 M3/HR)
UV 8 GPM (1.8 M3/HR)
UV 10 GPM (2.3 M3/HR)
UV 12 GPM (2.7 M3/HR)






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